The Every Voice Lifted Team has experience creating curricula in and out of the classroom. Allow us to assist you in the creation of a half or full-day social justice curriculum facilitation for your organization that challenges participants to examine their role as advocates, critics, observers, and/or participants in social justice journeys.

All curriculum facilitations come complete with workbooks.

 Social Justice Journeys

Engage with the stories of social justice within the historical context of 2001 to 2016. Examine the trajectory of various social groups in the United States, focusing specifically on issues pertaining to race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

This facilitation is designed to help participants:

  • examine social justice journeys from individuals within the identities of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation

  • understand how specifics events from 2001-2016 affected populations differently based on identity

  • explore perceptions of particular events and movements and the source of those perceptions

  • construct a chronological understanding of various social justice journeys, establishing moments of connection and interaction among them

  • create action plans that allow participants to intentionally consider ways to deconstruct personal perceptions and stereotypes of specific identities

Exploring Social Justice Narratives

Explore social justice narratives from multiple voices in the United States: Voices in Power, Voices in Crisis, Voices in the Media, and Voices Unheard. Gain a better understanding of how these voices intersect.

This facilitation is designed to help participants:

  • explore concepts of difference including power, privilege, allyship, and identity

  • use empathy as a tool for understanding a variety of viewpoints

  • understand one’s own narrative (self) and the lens in which the rest of society is viewed

  • examine contemporary social justice narratives of various populations within the United States

  • examine the role of social media and the internet in influencing social justice narratives in the United States

  • utilize authenticity and vulnerability in the sharing of narratives