Empathy, Guilt, and Shame

Gain a clear understanding of these three words: empathy, guilt, and shame. Fully comprehending their meaning has the ability to catalyze the work we do as agents or targets of privilege and oppression. This workshop examines the potential power that each word carries and how we can use them to further our own understanding of privilege.

Creating Dialogues that Matter

We are living in a world that is polarized by views, opinions, race, religion, gender expression and sexuality. These views have caused people to become unwilling to have conversations concerning difference. This workshop gives practical tips for creating an atmosphere that encourages and fosters difficult dialogue. 

Triple A: Allyship, Advocacy, and Accomplice

Being on the "right team" does not mean you are playing in the game of social justice. This workshop gives practical tips for truly creating spaces and opportunities for "systemically non-dominant groups" (Debra Jenkins). 

I Ain't Sorry: Black Women in the Media

Mammy, Jezebel, or Sapphire? Black women are forced to choose a category that belittles rather than empowers their ability to be queens and goddesses in this world. Discover the Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia that dare to defy odds and refuse to fit in the box created for black women.  

Perceptions of Privilege

Definitions of privilege can vary from person to person. However, the reality is that we all have it in some form or another. This workshop explores the privilege that we carry with us everyday and ways to use it to benefit those around us.

What if Katrina and Maria Were White?

Hurricane season is one of the most terrifying times of the year. After witnessing the national response to Hurricanes Katrina and Maria, this terror has increased for communities of color. This workshop explores systemic racism and the constant effect it has on impoverished communities. 

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

It is impossible to move ahead without first being aware of where you are. As Qualified Administrators, let us assist you in determining the intercultural competence of your organization and creating a plan for moving forward. This inventory can be administered to professional staff and students.

Workshop Request

If you are interested in a workshop that is not listed or a combination or workshops, please feel free to contact us.